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Commercial and Residential Drain Cleaning Services

Professional drain cleaning is a crucial aspect of maintaining any buildings functionality, drains are to buildings as arteries are to the human body. Many people believe that once a clog or blockage has been cleared from a drain pipe the issue has been resolved… unfortunately this may be an indicator of a more serious, repetitious, and costly issue. This is where All American DCS comes into play. Clearing a clog is merely a single step in our tried and proven process to ensure a VERY thorough drain cleaning solution; the process includes the following steps; 

1) Using professional equipment (made in the U.S.A.) to ensure your drainage system can flow at its best capacity. We will do our best to keep your systems open and flowing!

2) Inspecting said system for any unusual activity. There are possibilities of nuances such as; root intrusions or damaged pipes, not only can we see these nuances, we can discuss solutions and next step options! 

3) Noting/Recording any possible nuances and our process from start to finish. Always feel free to ask questions whenever they may arise, All American DCS wants to help you with all your drain cleaning needs. Drainage systems can be tricky so if you are unsure about maintenance or if you have questions about our service please ask us.  

4) Interacting with our clients! This is the most important step in the All American DCS process because we need everyone to be on the same page and we will NEVER leave you “in the dark.” Working with our clients to create lasting professional relationships is one of our goals! Communication is the ticket to a clear and mutual understanding. 




Emergency Services (Drain and Sewer Cleaning/Clearing)


Emergency services are everyone’s nightmare. We will do our best to turn your hair pulling emergency into a sunset with a breeze by the beach. All American offers 24/7 service so you can sit back and let us do the dirty work and have confidence that our solutions will accommodate you during these dreadful situations.

Camera Inspections

It is imperative that your drainage system is inspected, without eyes on your problem area, how would you know if your drainage system is fully functional? Clearing a blockage without an inspection is not a solution, it’s a “quick fix” and is not up to par with All American DCS standards of problem solving. We include camera inspections with every drain cleaning (for accessible locations) task. During the camera inspection our technicians will show you the condition of your drainage system, explain which solution is best for you and why, and finish off by answering any questions to further expand your knowledge of drainage systems in their entirety… this is a good time to ask about the do’s and don’ts while learning how to maintain your drains. 

Line Locating

Using modern technology, we can determine the depth, location, and direction of your drains. Line locating is an effective tool of the trade! BEFORE you consider cutting slab or putting a shovel in the ground for remodeling, always know where your pipes are. Line locating goes hand and hand with camera inspections, this means wherever the camera goes the locator will follow. This procedure makes remodeling and construction of drains significantly accurate and simpler.


 There may be situations when snaking is the only way to remove an obstruction from your drain, these obstructions could be a thick ball of paper or maybe even grease (snaking is not always necessary). As the cable moves through the pipe it cuts and breaks away at these materials while clearing a path through obstructions and allowing water to flow through a drainage system, snaking DOES NOT clean drains. As materials are broken apart, they settle at the bottom of the drain pipe which then calls for large volumes of water to flush the system. Snaking is used for removing large obstructions, breaking up grease, and the retrieval of unwanted materials in drains. If your drains have been snaked regularly within a short period of time it is highly likely that your drainage system has an issue snaking can’t solve and we aim to offer better solutions.

· Hydro-Jetting (jetting)

Hydro-Jetting IS an appropriate tool used for cleaning drains.  Although jetting is not as common as snaking, it is an extremely useful and efficient tool used for most drain cleaning needs. As the snake merely creates a hole through an obstruction in a drain pipe (if snaking is required) the jet can then push and/or dissolve the unwanted materials out of your drain system and into the city’s main sewer or your septic tank. City main sewers are massive and can handle much larger pieces of debris and water volume. How does it work? Is it efficient? Absolutely! Using highly pressurized water with specialized tools the hydrojet sprays the inner dimensions of the pipe, cutting away at material such as; rust build-up, concentrated grease, and much more! These hydrojet machines are built specifically to perform the arduous task of drain cleaning, basically we are pressure washing the drain pipes using close to 4,000 psi water (hence the name Hydrojet). Drain cleaning machines require highly skilled technicians due to the operational risks involved, training for proper maneuvering, and safety procedures which are essential to get the job done right. Hydro-jetting can be a very timely procedure, here at All American DCS we aim to share and deliver our specialized knowledge of these procedures to keep your drains healthy and flowing!  

Preventative Maintenance Agreements (PMA)


Many buildings require scheduled services in order to avoid messy, and damaging backups. Let’s talk about solutions BEFORE you run into a kitchen full of dirty water and sewage. Just as all vehicles need their oil changed, buildings need their drains cleaned and flushed regularly. Restaurants and kitchens are known to harbor massive amounts of grease in pipes. This can turn into an issue quickly because unlike some of the materials that can be flushed and disintegrated, grease DOES NOT disintegrate! Grease will solidify inside drains no matter what type of material the pipe is made of e.g. Cast Iron, PVC, Copper… it makes no difference to grease (grease can be a bear to get rid of). Think of what happens while running your garbage disposal after a meal; 

1) Food is chopped into small pieces to fit in your drain pipe

2) Running water helps the food move towards the sewer

3) You turn off the water and the food has disappeared!

What happens when you turn off the water? Any debris, food, and grease will settle inside the bottom of the pipe and will also settle where the drain pipes have turns or drops! Grease solidifies into a brick like substance, removing it can be a time consuming difficult task. Therefore, All American DCS stresses the importance of PMA and efficiency.  This concept is relevant to every drain in your building or home